Don’t be gentle it’s a Rental, is a joke that may attract some strange looks in Adelaide. Yet here in London its thrown around loosely. It seems in recent years a trend has emerged where less and less photographers are investing money into equipment. With the the size and number of rental companies increasing year by year, I can see more and more benefits from this situation.

Companies such as Direct photographic ( offer clients everything they could possibly need regardless of the task at hand, they are definitely a major part of the Photographic Industry here in London. And why wouldn’t you rent!

For example, a recent Job I assisted on, the retail value of the equipment used was in the region of £55,000 (12 Broncolor Grafit packs, 12 Broncolor heads, plus the required grip, booms and other accessories to get these super cool bits of kit in the perfect position for the perfect image).  The high price of equipment these days coupled with the rate at which new items are released into the market, one should really think twice before spunking a wad of hard earned cash onto something that might not be necessary (especially in the digital age we live in!)

Retrospectively in Adelaide, I think there is a big gap in the Industry for a photography dedicated hire company. A little bit of market research shows a handful of companies that deal with the moving image and filming industry, but have they heard of an Octa? Are they up to speed on the latest Digital Capture software? Who would you ring if something goes wrong? Is the reality the photographer in town with the right gear gets the job, as opposed to some one with superior skills maybe? Is this the best for the creative process?